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Grand Cafe review image

LV Review

Grand Cafe

Grand Cafe in the Red Rock Hotel is an affordable choice all day, but their all-nighter menu is our favorite part of coming here late.

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LV Review

Echo & Rig

You all slept in and need a late brunch spot - head to Echo & Rig, an upscale steakhouse in Tivoli Village on weekends for brunch until 3pm.

The Bagel Cafe review image

LV Review

The Bagel Cafe

The Bagel Cafe in Summerlin is a great spot for a group of friends to recount last night over bagels, pastries, and egg sandwiches.

La Strega review image

LV Review

La Strega

20 minutes from the Strip in Summerlin, La Strega is an Italian place with something unique in every dish and a beautiful space.

Americana review image

LV Review


30 minutes from the Strip, Americana is where you go when you’ve been in Vegas for a couple days too long, from the great food to the lake views.