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Brasa Roja review image

LV Review

Brasa Roja

Brasa Roja is a Colombian spot a five-minute drive from the Strip where you can get great, and inexpensive, food so bring a few friends.

Fat Choy review image

LV Review

Fat Choy

You may have to walk through the smokey Eureka Casino to get it, but the burger at Fat Choy is one of our favorites in the city.

The Goodwich review image

LV Review

The Goodwich

You’ll find some of our favorite sandwiches in Vegas at The Goodwich downtown.

Market Street Cafe review image

LV Review

Market Street Cafe

When you need a last-minute, casual spot good for groups, bring everyone to Market Street Cafe in the California Hotel for a Hawaiian diner menu.

Pizza Rock review image

LV Review

Pizza Rock

Pizza Rock downtown has more options for styles of pizza than we knew existed - bring a group or come for the late-night Happy Hour.

The Kitchen at Atomic review image

LV Review

The Kitchen at Atomic

The Kitchen at Atomic downtown is the perfect one-two punch, come here for the varied menu of American food and then go next door to Atomic Liquors.

Evel Pie review image

LV Review

Evel Pie

Evel Pie is an aggressively Evel Knievel-themed pizza spot in the Fremont East District downtown.

Starboard Tack review image

LV Review

Starboard Tack

One the best late-night spots, Starboard Tack is a quick drive from the Strip, and where you’ll find things like Thai mussels and pu-pu platters.

Makers & Finders Coffee review image

LV Review

Makers & Finders Coffee

You could come to Makers & Finders, a coffee shop in the Arts District for a quick cup, but you should sit and order from their Central American menu.

PublicUs review image

LV Review


PublicUs downtown could get away with just serving their great coffee, but they have a whole breakfast menu that’s worth staying for too.

Old Soul review image

LV Review

Old Soul

Old Soul downtown is a comfortable restaurant serving twists on American classics and whiskey flights.

Gritz Cafe review image

LV Review

Gritz Cafe

Gritz Cafe probably belongs more in the South than in downtown Las Vegas, but you’ll be grateful for their all-day Southern breakfast menu.

Hatsumi review image

LV Review


Hatsumi is a Japanese restaurant downtown with a long bar and a few booths where you’ll eat skewers and interesting small plates.

The Laundry Room review image

LV Review

The Laundry Room

This secret bar inside another bar - Commonwealth in the Fremont East District - is reservation-by-text-only and one of the cooler places you can go.

Esther’s Kitchen review image

LV Review

Esther’s Kitchen

This casual Italian spot in Downtown Las Vegas has an amazing pasta deal and surprisingly inventive drinks.

Atomic Liquors review image

LV Review

Atomic Liquors

Part history lesson, part bar, Atomic Liquors on Fremont St. is Vegas’ oldest freestanding bar and great for a few draft beers.

Mike Morey’s Sip’n’Tip review image

LV Review

Mike Morey’s Sip’n’Tip

Mike Morey’s Sip N Tip is a great, somewhat hidden beer bar downtown for a more casual nightcap.

Flock & Fowl review image

LV Review

Flock & Fowl

Flock and Fowl’s Hainanese chicken and rise is the best reason to go to Downtown Vegas.