Sputnik is hipster as f*ck. Like, polish up your best 1982 rodeo champion belt buckle and rock your fanciest Jeffery Dahmer bifocals because it’s time to eat a vegan cheesesteak, hipster. Further proof, the place is named after the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth which we assume is either a metaphor for out-of-this-world food or a tribute to how lonely it feels to be a pioneer in almost everything, always.

If you don’t have a neck tat, don’t worry. Sputnik will still serve you while you gawk at cool twenty-something’s all wearing the same hat. Fortunately, the food and drinks are good enough that you will be glad you went even if the scene makes you feel a little old.

We love a place that takes the time to cater to vegans and vegetarians but also still serve tasty animal-based food, and Sputnik does both well. Almost everything on the menu has a really good no-meat option and they may have the best corndog in Denver — both beef and zucchini versions.

The menu has an international theme with stops in the U.S., Mexico, India, Vietnam, Korea and the Middle East. Which makes it the perfect place for those times when you’re craving both tacos and bimimbap. Sputnik is also located next door to the Hi Dive so you can get full/drunk before you see that band you’ll be over once they start getting radio play.

Food Rundown


Aforementioned and awesome. Get the veggie and meat varieties and dip both in copious amounts of their signature sauces.

A solid Cubano with a zesty garlic sauce that takes it up a notch. The vegetarian version swaps the pork with jackfruit, which sounds terrible, but it’s actually pretty good.

Cheese Steak

East Coasters who know better, steer clear of this sandwich. But for Coloradans who have never chucked a battery at the opposing team, this very spicy hoagie will hit the spot.

Grilled Cheese

Holy shit, this is good. Four cheeses and a tomato basil spread that is a homage to your favorite soup/sandwich combo on snow days.