Federal Bar & Grill

Walk into Federal Bar and Grill, and you might feel as though John Taffer and his band of Bar Rescue juggernauts were just there. There’s a strategically placed popcorn machine designed to increase your thirst quotient by 33.4%. There is ping pong and Trivial Pursuit on hand to ensure the average customer buys 1.4 more rounds of beers while in the heat of competition. Even the staff plays the blue-collar, down-on-their-luck, but clearly possessing a heart-of-gold, role.

Three straight weekends watching non-stop Spike TV neither confirmed nor denied this origin story but we don’t care - Federal Bar & Grill is damn good.

Take a quick look at the menu and you will see this isn’t a bunch of dumb- downed munchies administrated by a hack cook (with a heart of gold) who can’t work the fryolater. Thought was put into the food, and the execution is commendable. In fact, we’re comfortable saying Federal Bar and Grill fits into the “better than most bar food but not quite as good as Fruition” category we just created.

Its location is also key. The Mile High/Jefferson Park-area is starting to see Highlands-like rent, but places to walk to and have a good meal are still few and far between. That’s changing with additions like Sarto’s and Federal Bar & Grill. So you better buy in this area now, and by that I mean someone please make me an offer on the house I bought 7 years ago nearby. I need an exit.

Food Rundown

Pork Belly Benedict

Obviously. Actually, the whole brunch menu here is right on time. They also do fresh squeezed juice to make your vodka slightly healthier.

Federal Bar & Grill review image

Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings

Peanut butter and lingonberry jam dipping sauce tastes exactly like you’d think. These are worth a try but only if you plan to share. Three is the max. The rest of the wing menu is also solid. Go Chipotle BBQ and you can't go wrong.

Federal Bar & Grill review image

Vampire Slayer Burger

The garlic cream cheese, bacon, and fresh garlic chips aren’t going to make you the most popular person in the bar but who cares, no one likes you anyway. This is the burger you want.

Federal Bar & Grill review image

Vegetarian Things

If you want to go meat-free, expect more than the token frozen garden burger. They skillfully prepare a Bavarian pretzel (pictured), portabella burger, and creamy quinoa. Again, not your stereotypical bar food.