Devil's Food

Devil’s Food is one of our favorite morning food spots in Denver, but if you don’t spend much time near Wash Park, we're betting you’ve never heard of it. Let's fix that.

Brunch is the star at this Southern comfort restaurant, with excellent items like a tomatillo burrito that we can't eat enough of and chicken and waffles that will do you up just right. Dinner is good too, mostly because many of the best items from earlier in the day are still on the menu. And any place that serves breakfast for dinner is good in our book.

The crowd at Devil's Food is typical Wash Park - lots of sun damaged décolletages and Lululemon pants with dogs and strollers safely stowed outside. By the way, who are you double-wide stroller people? This sidewalk tyranny cannot stand.

Thankfully, you can avoid all this unnecessary weekend brunch silliness by simply arriving before 10am. Even if you make it early, we wouldn’t recommend going with a group larger than two during the weekend unless you have some time on your hands. There are only a handful of four tops and the dining room is pretty small.

Should you find the wait to be unbearable, you can always just grab a coffee and some tasty pastries from the bakery table and take them to go. Or you can pass the time outside petting dogs. With this crowd, you can bet they’ve all been through obedience classes.

Food Rundown

Devil's Food review image

Fried Chicken and Waffles

Put this in your A very big serving of belgian waffles and buttermilk fried chicken stacked like the lincoln logs of your dreams. How about we top that off with sausage gravy and chipotle-honey syrup? A must order.

Tomatillo Burrito

This burrito is really damn near perfect. The turkey chorizo and white cheddar make it, and even the potatoes that come on the side are excellent. An absolute must order.

Pork Belly Slab

Fun to order, but even better to eat. Basically some fat slabs of pork. This is how you start your day.

Huevos Rancheros

A nice mix of textures with the crispy tortilla, egg, beans, and delicious roasted potatoes. We love the tomatillos here too.

Spring Pea Anolini

Light, incredibly fresh and lemony. A perfect start to dinner no matter what you have after.

Roasted Banana Pudding

We swear we’re not telling people we’re reviewing them, but we keep getting comped on the regular and this was a nice one. Super creamy and banana-y, but that salted toffee may have been the best thing on the plate. Great stuff.