Who would’ve guessed back in the day that one of the best restaurants in town would spring from the corpse of a place called Martini Ranch? It was one of those bottle service and basement-dancing joints that you may have blocked from your memory. But c’mon...don’t forget where you came from. And for the young’uns who are still in that club phase, keep bangin’. But we can all agree that Euclid Hall is a much better use of this prime spot just off Larimer St.

Open since mid-2010, Euclid Hall is the creation of Best Chef Southwest herself, Jennifer Jasinski. The vibe is laid back, but this is a serious restaurant.

The first time we ever came here, we were straight hammered and thought everything we ate was the best thing ever. Future visits proved it wasn’t just the alcohol talking. Euclid Hall is down-to-earth, friendly, and one of our favorite spots to chill with a drink without sacrificing great food. The menu is big enough and diverse enough that most people can find something here, but vegetarians will have a tough time and vegans need not apply. There are a lot of different adventures to choose here and we’ll do our best to guide you in the Food Rundown below. One of the best things about Euclid Hall is its versatility and there aren’t many other places where you can get oysters, pad thai pig ears, and short rib kielbasa from the same menu. Feel free to go low-key with beer, sausages and bretzel, or you can go higher-end with cocktails (get the Wool Sweater) and scallops. Either way, if you’re headed out and want a great meal without the stuffiness and cost, put this on your Hit List.

Food Rundown

Chips and Dip

The description for this is bonkers, but don’t hesitate because this is incredible. Warm duck confit and cold slices of tea-smoked duck breast? Yessss. Add in lemony goat cheese dip and crispy chips and you’re golden. You absolutely have to get this.

Brussels Sprout Casserole

I just realized, right now, that its Brussels sprouts, not brussel sprouts. Thanks public education! This is worse than the time I found out sherbet didn’t have a second R. Anyway, this is quite tasty and I don’t even like Brussels sprouts.

Roasted Duck Poutine

What’s not to like about fries + gravy + cheese curds? Every time you blame Canada for Bieber, remember they gave us Tegan and Sara and poutine too. The poutine at Euclid Hall is pretty huge, so if you want something light, this is not for you. The varieties rotate based on the season, but when the roasted duck is available, get it. It’s rich and smoky and hits the spot every time.

Euclid Hall review image

Wild Mushroom Poutine

Another great poutine if you’re looking for a slightly (and we mean slightly) lighter, non-
meat version. The gravy is porcini mushroom based and is super earthy and awesome.

Oyster Po’Boy

Huge and good. The oysters are really fresh and lightly fried, so you don’t just taste the batter and the homemade hot sauce is great. One of the better po’boys we’ve had in town.

Chicken and Waffles

This is not your Waffle House variety. The chicken here is a mousseline cooked confit style. What the hell does that mean? The chicken is pureed, breaded and fried, which may not sound super appetizing, but it’s fcking amazing. No chicken bones here, this is a knife and fork joint. The sourdough waffle, apple-cabbage salad and béchamel are for real and even though this dish is “elevated” comfort food, it still goes great with beer. We can’t recommend this highly enough.

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