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Sara Marie Barron is a writer based in Detroit, Michigan where she writes about music, art, and culture. Her work has been featured in Interview Magazine, Audiofemme, Detroit Metro Times, and The Metropolitan.

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The 27 Best Places To Eat & Drink In Detroit guide image

DET Guide

The 27 Best Places To Eat & Drink In Detroit

Here’s our pick for the best places to eat and drink in Motor City.

La Dolce Vita review image

DET Review

La Dolce Vita

If you want to sit on a big ivy-covered patio, eat lots of pasta, and talk about that trip to Rome you've been "planning," head to La Dolce Vita.

Rose’s Fine Foods review image

DET Review

Rose’s Fine Foods

Rose’s Fine Foods is the diner you wish was around the corner from your house. Unless you actually do live that close, and in that case -congrats.

Standby review image

DET Review


Start your night at Standby in Belt Alley with a cocktail that'll take a few minutes to make, or come later for some late-night gnocchi.

Detroit Vegan Soul review image

DET Review

Detroit Vegan Soul

When you want to convince your coworker that tofu is delicious, or when you just want an excuse to eat some vegetables, check out Detroit Vegan Soul.

Ima review image

DET Review


Ima is a casual Japanese noodle shop in Corktown that serves traditional udon and rice bowls, and has one of the city’s best sake selections.

Detroit Institute of Bagels review image

DET Review

Detroit Institute of Bagels

Detroit Institute of Bagels in Corktown looks like a yoga studio, but serves some of the best bagels in town - proof that life is all about balance.