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Sticky Rice

Hours:MONDAY11:30AM to 11:00PM
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Google “best Thai food in Chicago” and you’ll find no shortage of suggestions. Luckily, it’s tough for any of these suggestions to steer you wrong, because we think there’s a lot of solid Thai in the city. Sticky Rice, a casual spot in North Center, is one of those places.

Sticky Rice specializes in Northern Thai cuisine, and the long menu is as comprehensive as an Ayn Rand novel. You have an array of options, with menu sections ranging from Thai Northern Dish and Thai Curry Dish, to Sticky Rice’s Specials. Our favorite dishes here include the tiger prawn pad karee, which is served over curry with ground chicken and egg, then spooned over sticky rice that soaks up all the sauce. The flavorful sausage is one of our favorite appetizers, and occasionally we get multiple orders and make it our entree. And the mango chicken is another go-to when we're looking for something light and a little sweet. This place works for a casual weeknight spot, or a serious takeout operation. Basically, anytime you want an evening (and table) filled with tasty Thai food.

Food Rundown


Keep an eye out for fresh baos as a special appetizer. Order them if available.

Tom Kha Soup

Hot and sour coconut milk soup with mushroom. Get it with chicken too, and order it if you like a little spicy.

Rice Soup

If spicy isn’t for you, then go for this rice soup. It’s simple, but packs a subtle sweetness and overall good flavor.

Northern Thai Sausage

A homemade ground pork and pork skin sausage mixed with red curry paste and spicy thai herbs. The texture is very distinct, and it’s got a nice heat on the back end. A worthy appetizer to share for $2.50, or make it an entree by ordering more than one.

Mango Chicken

Stir-fried chicken with bell pepper, onion, plum sauce, and, of course, mangos. It’s served inside of a hollowed out mango, and is a sweet and tasty chicken dish.

Tiger Prawn Pad Karee

Tiger prawns served over a variation of curry sauce with ground chicken, egg, onion, tomatoes, celery, hot pepper, and ginger. Spoon over rice to soak up all the delicious sauce.

Pad See Ewe

Get it with the beef. We are fans of these wide rice noodles with egg and chinese broccoli.

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