Not A Damn Chance Burger

Not A Damn Chance Burger (“NADC'' for the initiated and presumably cool) is located in the back of a cozy River West bar called The Drop In. And while wagyu isn’t something you’d expect to find on the menu at a local dive, that’s exactly what NADC’s patties are made of. The menu is short: one burger, a grilled cheese that’s essentially just burger toppings and not worth it, and fries. The obvious star is the simple yet tasty (albeit slightly oversalted) smashburger. It has a nice balance of juiciness and char, and doesn’t go overboard with its toppings: American cheese, pickles, jalapeños, and some tangy secret sauce. It does come with a $16 price tag though, which feels a little high if all you’re looking for is something to snack on—plus, you can get a similarly delicious Red Hot Ranch burger for $7.