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Red Hot Ranch

$$$$(773) 661-9377
Hours:SUNDAY10:30AM to 4:00AM

Red Hot Ranch is a fast food spot that works perfectly as either a cheap lunch option or your last stop after a night out. The dining room at their Lakeview location is small and simple, like a miniature high school cafeteria, with a couple of picnic tables outside. Their burger is smashed thin with crispy edges, and it’s one of the best in the city at its price range.

The menu also includes a Depression Dog - a more obscure version of a Chicago Dog that swaps out most of the vegetable toppings for fresh-cut french fries - as well as milkshakes and fried shrimp by the pound. Like all your favorite dive bars, Red Hot Ranch is open until 5am on the weekend. And much like those dives, it’s cash only, but don’t fret: there’s an ATM on site.

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