Sometimes we can’t stop thinking about certain kinds of food until we’ve eaten them - like onion rings, deep dish, or a greasy cheeseburger. And now we can add Landbirds’ fantastic chicken wings to that list.

Landbirds is a small BYOB spot in Logan Square with a short menu focused on Korean lollipop-style wings. They’re twice-fried, tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce, and come with a small mound of jasmine rice that helps balance out the heat. This place doesn’t have a ton of atmosphere - just a few small tables and metal chairs - but we’re okay with that. They could sell their wings out of a walk-up window and we’d come in the middle of February to eat them. It’s a perfect spot for a quick meal before going out in the neighborhood, or to pick up a party tray for the Bears game. Thankfully the food here is much more consistent than our quarterback situation.

Food Rundown

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Tiger Chicken Wings

The wings here are meaty and crispy, and come in four spice levels - mild, medium, tiger, and spicy tiger. Our favorite is the tiger, which balances heat and sweet perfectly. Make sure to get an extra cup of sauce to pour over the jasmine rice.

Landbirds review image

Musubi Rice

Besides the wings, this is the only other entree on the menu. It’s fried rice made with diced spam, kimchi, and a little bit of the wing sauce mixed in. It’s very tasty but not essential - get an order for the table if you’re here with a group, but otherwise, focus your attention on the wings.

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