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Federales review image

CHI Review


Federales is a Mexican restaurant in the West Loop that's always a party. Go for a good time and eat some tacos if you're hungry.

Lonesome Rose review image

CHI Review

Lonesome Rose

Lonesome Rose is a casual Tex-Mex restaurant in Logan Square with good cocktails and hit-or-miss food.

Su Casa review image

CHI Review

Su Casa

Other than tourists, we don’t understand who eats at Su Casa. But it’s a perplexing place for other reasons.

Big Star review image

CHI Review

Big Star

There’s no denying Big Star is an anchor tenant of the Wicker Park dining scene, but that doesn’t mean everyone feels the same way about it.

DS Tequila Company review image

CHI Review

DS Tequila Company

DS Tequila Company is a Tex-Mex and burger spot on North Halsted.