Parson's Chicken & Fish

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Parson’s Chicken & Fish is all about its patio. We’re talking about one of the better areas in the city to kick it in the outdoors, even year round. In the winter, Parson’s adds an ice skating rink out back, which means you can skate for $5, eat fried chicken, and warm up with hot drinks. We are pretty sure this is the only place in the world where you can skate with fried chicken in hand. At least that’s what we choose to believe.

As legit as the outdoor space is, the food isn't quite as good. The fried chicken isn't bad, but we don’t like it as much as some of the other fried chicken joints in town. And even though fried chicken is the main attraction, other items like grilled chicken, small salads, pimento toast, and hush puppies are a good support system. In the summer, Parson's is definitely a destination meal. In the winter, it depends how much you want to go ice skating with fried chicken in hand.

In the summer, you'll want to go out of our way to post up at Parson's back patio picnic benches. The waits can be long, but ping pong tables and negroni slushies will help keep you occupied. They are pretty d*mn alcoholicly refreshing when it’s hot outside.

As for the inside, Parson’s isn’t much. It feels like a small 1950’s lunch counter, but with a full bar. You could post up at the small bar or one of the limited tables, but you really want to be outside.

Patio season at Parson’s is where it’s at.

Food Rundown

Hush Puppies

Solid pups. Good appetizer if you can handle more fried stuff.

Baked Beans

Tasty beans. Parson’s cooks them with a brown sugar and vinegar mix which is what makes them different and good.

Werp Farm Salad

A mix of greens with beets, onion, blood orange, and a tarragon yogurt dressing. A refreshing combo.

Pimento Toast

A good starter to share if you need something else to snack on.

Amish Fried Chicken

Good crisp and juicy inside, but often bland. The muted flavors keep it from getting to the next level.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

You may be tempted by the fried chicken sandwich, and it might be smart to give in. We like the chicken paired with some slaw, aioli, american cheese, pickles, and hot sauce.

Fish Fry

A flakey white fish with a good fry. Simple fried fish like this doesn’t really ever excite us, so nothing against Parsons, but it’s a personal thing.

Grilled Amish Chicken

Don’t sleep on the grilled chicken. It’s pretty good, and never a bad idea to have a little mix of fried and grilled - you know, for health reasons.


Fresh slices available daily from Bang Bang Pie, so you know it’s good.

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