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Taco-Mex hits that sweet spot in the breakfast taco Venn diagram of cheap, fast, and good. It’s commonly known as “Taco Window,” because that’s what Taco-Mex is: A window in a strip mall where you ring a bell and order tacos. There is no door, no interior, no picnic table outside - just a bench out front. And it is an uncomfortable bench.

But from the literal hole in the wall that is Taco-Mex emerge excellent breakfast tacos - especially the migas, with tortilla chips still a little crispy, and the fiery-red chorizo and egg. From what we can tell, the price for a breakfast taco here ($1.75) has not gone up in at least a decade. FYI: The minimum credit card order is “2 tacos” - but really what are you doing only ordering a single taco?

Nicolai McCrary

Taco-Mex review image

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