Pueblo Viejo

There are a few locations of Pueblo Viejo around town, but our favorite is the trailer down south at Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden on Pickle Road. The dog-friendly yard is full of picnic tables, and there’s good coffee and a full bar, including frozen cocktails. Pueblo Viejo’s lunch and dinner options like barbacoa and al pastor tacos are very good, but breakfast is even better.

At Pueblo Viejo, the cooks crack the eggs straight on the griddle, and then beat them with other ingredients, resulting in a just-cooked swirl of yolk, egg white, and fillings. You can order a simple, well-executed breakfast taco like a bacon, egg, and cheese, or if you’re paralyzed by choice, there’s a set menu of more elaborate breakfast tacos. We love the migas taco and the Taco Bueno, a bright red jumble of egg, potato, cheese, and chorizo. And while most breakfast taco places have two salsas (red and green), Pueblo Viejo has five: pico, tomatillo, creamy jalapeno, roasted habanero, and habanero and ghost chili.

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photo credit: Richard Casteel

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