Tacos Guerrero

Sometimes you just know. The first time we went to Tacos Guerrero, we opened the foil and had one of those holy sh*t moments.The breakfast tacos coming out of this tiny, orange, one-woman trailer on the East Side are nothing short of spectacular - like the migas, with still-crispy tortilla strips, that by default come with refried beans (which is not typical at all). We’re also big fans of the chorizo breakfast tacos, with eggs that have turned fiery and red. While the corn tortillas are handmade here, the flour tortillas aren’t - but they spend some time on a griddle to get revitalized. Make sure to get the molcajete salsa made from roasted tomatoes and chiles. There are a couple of tree-covered picnic tables right there in the parking lot (of a car insurance business), but it’s only a couple of blocks to the trail around Town Lake if you want somewhere more scenic to sit.

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photo credit: Nicolai McCrary

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