Elizabeth St. Café

File Under: Probably the cutest place you’re going to eat this year. Elizabeth Street Cafe is a French Vietnamese restaurant that serves great banh mi and noodle dishes, but also excellent coffee and croissants.

One thing worth noting is that while the food at Elizabeth Street Cafe is very good, much like its interior aesthetic, it’s a bit precious. This is not a place you come to roll up your sleeves and get into a huge bowl of pho, unless by “roll up your sleeves” you mean literally roll up the cuffs on your expensive shirt because it’s dry clean only.

That said, every experience we’ve had here has been a good one, and we love hitting Elizabeth Street on an easy weekday morning, or for lunch when we’ve got time to sit and enjoy the weather.

Food Rundown

Elizabeth St. Café review image

photo credit: Molly Winters

Banh Mi

There are ten different Banh Mi options, and all are great: delicious dressing, perfect bread, and solid meats and non-meats. Go with your gut.


Cold vermicelli noodle bowls. On a hot day in Austin, we love these.

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