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Sway Thai

$$$$(512) 326-1999
Hours:SATURDAY11:00AM to 11:00PM

The idea behind this restaurant is “Thai cuisine perceived by Australians,” a concept we’ve come to understand as “possibly inauthentic yet highly delicious, vaguely Thai food.” Much like Australia, we like the idea of that very much.

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One of the original restaurants on South 1st, Sway is at least somewhat responsible for this part of Austin’s evolution into a trendy restaurant-rich stretch of road. A large, dimly lit, dare we say “sexy” restaurant (already regretting that), Sway is actually a place we’d recommend less for a date and more for a big group outing. The menu lends itself to sharing, and the size of the room makes it’s great for a big gathering. It’s also a lively place during peak dinner hours, which makes it a lot of fun but also quite loud. Try to show up with your group early to snag a good table, or make a reservation.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re looking to accompany your dinner with one or ten vodka sodas, Sway’s not your spot. They only offer beer, wine, and sake. Clear that with your crew before you have some hangry boozehounds on your hands. Or just get some more responsible friends.

Food Rundown

Thai Iced Tea

What looks like an ice cream sundae is actually a jolt of caffeine and condensed milk to start your meal off with a bang.

Pad Thai

A pretty standard translation of pad thai. It comes with shrimp and is not to be missed.

Papaya Salad

Zesty and refreshing. Don’t be swayed (no pun intended) by the dried shrimp seeming a little weird. Try it. This is very good as a starter.

The Whole Fish

This might be Sway’s biggest plate, and one of the few that lacks noodles or rice. Try it “crispy” - flash fried and meant to be picked apart to the bone, scales and all.

The Son-In-Law

The crown jewel of Sway, this is a gooey mess of sweet and savory braised pork shoulder, fried egg, and spices. Strongly consider finishing your entrée course with this.

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Banana Split

This beast serves up to four people and is made with chocolate, condensed milk, cashew caramel swirl ice cream, black sesame brownie, candied cashew, coconut milk jam, “drunken cherries,” bananas, and whipped cream. Is this even a question? You could stop in exclusively for dessert and leave happy.

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