El Chile Café Y Cantina

El Chile is a popular sit-down Tex-Mex spot on Manor Rd, probably known best for their margaritas, fajitas, and puffy tacos. There’s an excellent shaded patio that looks out over a less-trafficked street, so you don’t have to worry too much about road noise drowning out the sound of your waiter asking you if you’re sure that you’d like a third margarita. But as much as we love their mole, tacos, and sizzling platters, our favorite part is starting a meal with their grilled pineapple salmon ceviche. You can probably figure out most of the components from the name, but the ingredient you might not have guessed is mezcal, which adds a smoky element to the dish, plus a bit of rich sweetness from the grilled pineapple and peppers. 

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photo credit: Nicolai McCrary

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