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The Austin Brunch Guide

PHOTO: Kate Lesueur

It might have taken a minute, but Austin has caught up with the rest of America and is officially a full-on brunch city - not just a place to get the world’s best hungover migas. There are a ridiculous number of restaurants now serving $16 eggs, and plenty of people lining up for them.

But we’re here to make sure you spend less time standing in line for mediocre waffles and more time drinking mimosas, so we’ve compiled a guide to our top Austin brunch spots. Whether you need a great restaurant to pregame your Rainey St. adventure or are just looking for an excellent weekend meal, this guide to the best Austin brunch has you covered.

the spots


As close as you’ll get to The Hamptons without leaving Texas. There’s something on the Perla’s menu for everyone, from the crab cakes to homemade pop tarts - come for a slightly fancy group brunch and share everything. Also don’t let them skimp on the complimentary hush puppies before the meal, they may be free but they’re definitely the best part.

Leaning on the lighter side of your typical Mexican meal, La Condesa’s West coast vibes and big assortment of margaritas make up for their small-ish portions. It’s great for impressing out-of-towners who don’t understand there’s more than one type of salsa, and that they aren’t all red. Make a reservation.

Photo: Jody Horton


258 W 2nd St

One of the better boozy brunches in town considering its $2 mimosa and bellini situation, Taverna has a line from the minute it opens. And that’s because they serve everything you could possibly need at brunch: quality pizza and pasta, great coffee, and strong drinks.

Cafe No Sé

South Congress
1603 South Congress

One of the newer brunch spots in town, Cafe No Se in the South Congress Hotel is a place highly suited to your Instagram feed: beautiful design, beautiful light, beautiful people.

Photo: Kate LeSueur

Fact: Magnolia migas/breakfast tacos/pancakes taste just as amazing at normal brunch times as they do at 3am. It's also one of the best bang-for-your-buck brunch situations in town. Don't forget it.

South Congress Cafe

1600 S Congress Ave

We appreciate any excuse to plan a day on South Congress, and brunch at this longtime Austin staple is a great one. The food is modern American, and it’s crowd-pleasing all around. Get there early or plan to wait - either way you’ll find a way to use your time wisely.

Josephine House

1601 Waterston Ave

Located in a ridiculously quaint craftsman house, Josephine’s space feels less like it’s in the middle of Austin and more like you’ve just walked down to a beachfront hotel lobby. And the outdoor space is even more pleasant. When a restaurant is this good-looking, it can be hard for the food to measure up - but not in this case. You really can’t go wrong with any of the menu, but we have a hard time turning down the Josephine Rice Bowl.

Photo: Maggie Svodoba

Weather Up

1808 E Cesar Chavez St

You’ve probably hit Weather Up for their excellent cocktails, but the brunch here is also worth knowing about. Think hearty options involving biscuits, bacon, and cheese, and aesthetics to impress any visitor. Sit in the backyard.


1010 E Cesar Chavez St

Cenote is one of our go-to's for any great, casual meal on the East Side. Get yourself a (really big) coffee cup, grab a seat outside, and prepare to stay a while. Free wifi means you can treat yourself to an excellent brunch even if you’re doing work on a weekend.

Photo: Eric Pohl

Kerbey Lane Café

3704 Kerbey Ln

A classic Austin spot for breakfast foods served all day. Kerbey is casual, comfortable, and serves what are arguably the best pancakes in town.


Looking for something a little less predictable and a little more authentically Austin? Check out Hillside. We love their fried egg sandwich and top-tier mac and cheese, and it’s a pretty perfect place to drink outside as long as it isn’t 100 degrees.

Blue Dahlia Bistro

1115 E 11th St

We’re partial to any place that puts almost everything on a piece of bread. There are a couple of Blue Dahlia locations around town, but our favorite is on East 11th thanks to the greenhouse-looking space. The plants not only provide lots of oxygen (key for eating ridiculous quantities of food), but also make for a zen atmosphere for unwinding before the start of your week. Laugh at the absurd line at Franklin’s down the road while you eat your tartine.


“Sunday Funday” might have been invented at Banger's. If you’re in search of a party time brunch spot, look no further. Banger's is actually a bar, so as long as the drinks are flowing you might accidentally end up staying here all day. Be responsible - order some sausage.


Quiche, doughnuts, eggs benedict - everything on this menu is good. Adding a modern twist to classic brunch staples, we love Contigo for just about any occasion - not just because of the food, but also because of its ranch-style outdoor seating covered in Christmas lights. Reminder: make it a point to get here soon.


With a vibe somewhere in between a ranch and a country club, Jacoby’s is a great option for any special occasion brunch. Its homey interior, big back covered porch, and grassy yard (not to mention the fact that it’s on the river) all make you feel like you’ve escaped the city - but Jacoby’s is a destination you don’t have to go farther than East Cesar Chavez to enjoy. Get the chicken fried steak.


A local favorite for all Austin vegetable-lovers, Bouldin Creek Cafe’s vegan and vegetarian options are good enough to please even people who wouldn’t typically trust a breakfast without eggs and/or chorizo.

Odd Duck

Bouldin / South Lamar
1201 S Lamar Blvd

Odd is correct, but so is delicious. Serving up smaller portions than your average Texas restaurant, you’ll want to order to share and try a little bit of everything. Don’t let names like ‘Cucumber Parfait’ and ‘Cabbage Pancake’ scare you - these pairings sound absurd but these folks know what they’re doing. Sit outside if there’s not too long of a wait, the porch is where it’s at.

Photo: Richard Casteel


South Lamar

Cantine could easily survive financially on their Fried Goat Cheese alone. Thanks to its South Lamar location, there’s a lot to do in the area - so feel free to explore while you wait out your table. Or just get a hummus plate and hang out at the bar - that works too.

Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill

303 Red River St

Another all you can eat goldmine, Moonshine is a temple of Southern cooking and all things good. You’ll be torn between the breakfast and lunch options, but the good news is you can get them all. Be prepared to leave Moonshine a heavier individual than when you sat down.

Photo: Matt Lankes

Chez Zee

5406 Balcones Dr

This all-American classic brunch is worth the hike a few exits up Mopac. The menu is practically a short story, so if you can’t find something to satisfy everyone in your group, it’s time to find new friends.


We love Lucy's. Come for the laid-back vibe, come for the picnic table meal, but most importantly come for the fried chicken. Most items are family-style, so bring a group and share everything (like the bucket of fried chicken for 4 that’s only $25).


More hungover than you thought possible, but promised to have brunch with your parents? 24 Diner is the compromise your morning needs. Show up in your pajamas, order yourself the insanely good chicken & waffles, and let Mom and Dad appreciate the slightly more upscale environment.

Gloria's Latin Cuisine

300 W 6th St

Gloria’s drinks are strong - which is why so many people start their weekend day drinking off here. Gloria’s has a great space for large parties, but it usually gets packed so make a reservation. The chips and salsa are free and come with a homemade black bean dip, but save room for a bowl of queso and a spinach and chicken quesadilla.


2307 Hancock Dr

Hidden in a residential section of North Austin, this restaurant inside a house has permanent good vibes. And the power to make you very excited to eat quiche.

Photo: Annie Ray
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