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ATX Review


If you want some excellent homemade pasta, but don’t feel like spending a fortune, go to Patrizi’s on Manor.

Bird Bird Biscuit review image

ATX Review

Bird Bird Biscuit

Bird Bird Biscuit is a takeout cafe on Manor Rd serving breakfast and lunch biscuit sandwiches.

Abo Youssef review image

ATX Review

Abo Youssef

Abo Youssef is a food truck making excellent Mediterranean food out of a gas station parking lot off Manor Road.

Thai Thani review image

ATX Review

Thai Thani

Thai Thani is a food trailer tucked away behind a gas station on Manor Rd with a menu of classic Thai dishes.

El Chile Cafe y Cantina review image

ATX Review

El Chile Cafe y Cantina

El Chile has three things that no other spot on Manor has: strong margaritas, puffy tacos, and a big patio.