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Bird Bird Biscuit


2701 Manor Rd, Austin
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Bird Bird Biscuit first opened in 2018 on Manor Road (they’ve since expanded with a second location on Koenig). It was an instant hit, drawing crowds from near and far for their biscuit-based breakfast and brunch sandwiches. First, try saying that three times fast. Next, take a deep dive into their menu and decide how many biscuits it’s going to take to soak up all the sins of last night—this is hangover food at it’s finest. 

If you’re not sure what to get here, well, it’s right there in the name—a crispy fried chicken breast sandwiched inside a rich, buttery biscuit. There are a few different versions of it that mostly swap out sauces to suit your mood (there’s one with barbecue sauce and another with dill mayo), but the heart of the sandwich is the same. And sure, there are a few “lunchier” options—like a grilled cheese biscuit with mozzarella, cheddar, and marinara dip—but the focus here is really on breakfast, because a chicken sandwich follows no rules.

All of the ordering takes place online, although they do have a kiosk on the patio if you’re still rocking an old Nokia phone (how’s your Snake score btw?). There are a few small tables outside, but this is primarily a takeout situation—optimal, really, if you’re still in your pajamas. The chicken is all fried to order, but it holds up surprisingly well if you’ve got a bit of a journey home. We’ve also heard that the sandwiches taste really great in the front seat of a car parked just outside. From a friend. 

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Food Rundown

Nicolai McCrary

Bird Bird Biscuit review image

Queen Beak

Spicy breaded chicken breast with cayenne black pepper honey, and bacon-infused chipotle mayo. It’s sweet and spicy in all the right ways; the chicken is crispy, the biscuit buttery. They should probably just call this the “Bird Bird Biscuit” because it’s good enough to be their namesake. If you’re only getting one sandwich, it should probably be this one.

Nicolai McCrary

Bird Bird Biscuit review image

Bird Bird Bacon

If we’re following naming conventions, this really should have been called the Bacon Bacon Biscuit, but that doesn’t have a very appealing ring to it. This sandwich subs the fried chicken for some thick slices of crispy bacon, a fried egg, cheddar cheese, and more bacon-infused chipotle mayo. You know, in case you didn’t have enough bacon in your life. This is an excellent version of a more classic breakfast sandwich, but if this is your first time here you should really be trying something with fried chicken in it.

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