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Egg Bomb review image

ATX Review

Egg Bomb

Egg Bomb is a Korean egg toast shop in Brentwood.

Spicy Boys Fried Chicken review image

ATX Review

Spicy Boys Fried Chicken

Fried chicken sandwiches and wings with a variety of Asian-inspired flavors.

Chi'Lantro review image

ATX Review


Chi’Lantro is best-known for their Korean-Mexican fusion food that catapulted them to popularity when they first opened their food truck back in 2010, but now there are multiple locations across Austin.

The Best Chicken Wings In Austin guide image

ATX Guide

The Best Chicken Wings In Austin

15 great spots to get some chicken wings around town.

Korea House review image

ATX Review

Korea House

Korea House offers a wide range of Korean staples, like japchae, bibimbap, and budae jjigae.