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Druggists review image

SG Review


Druggists is our favorite beer hall, with rare brews from around the world and surprisingly great food.

Junior The Pocket Bar review image

SG Review

Junior The Pocket Bar

Junior The Pocket Bar is a tiny bar on Tanjon Pagar that changes themes every six months but keeps the cocktails consistently excellent.

The Other Room review image

SG Review

The Other Room

The Other Room is a speakeasy in the lobby of the Marriott Tang Plaza with cocktails from different eras of history and lively crowd that stays late.

Atlas Bar review image

SG Review

Atlas Bar

Atlas Bar is the most impressive bar in the country and the ideal spot to close a business deal.

Native review image

SG Review


Native is a bar that uses ingredients from around the region to create inventive cocktails - bring a date or one other friend to sit at the bar.