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Anthony was born and raised in Singapore, which means his blood type is dark soy sauce mixed with a little bit of ginger. Before attempting to eat every bowl of noodles in Asia, he was a reality TV/documentary producer in New York. Anthony wanted to grow up to be Pacman, an anthropomorphic yellow blob that could eat everything. He has yet to achieve that goal.

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Junior The Pocket Bar review image

SG Review

Junior The Pocket Bar

Junior The Pocket Bar is a tiny bar on Tanjon Pagar that changes themes every six months but keeps the cocktails consistently excellent.

Atlas Bar review image

SG Review

Atlas Bar

Atlas Bar is the most impressive bar in the country and the ideal spot to close a business deal.

The Other Room review image

SG Review

The Other Room

The Other Room is a speakeasy in the lobby of the Marriott Tang Plaza with cocktails from different eras of history and lively crowd that stays late.

The Coconut Club review image

SG Review

The Coconut Club

Coconut Club is a casual Singaporean restaurant in Ann Siang Hill that serves a nearly-perfect Nasi Lemak and is ideal for a small group lunch.

Samy’s Curry review image

SG Review

Samy’s Curry

Samy’s is a classic Indian curry house that’s heavy on the spice and light on the cutlery (you’ll eat off banana leaves) that’s great for big groups.

Rhubarb Le Restaurant review image

SG Review

Rhubarb Le Restaurant

Le Rhubarb is a classic, quiet French restaurant with beautifully-plated dishes and is a great spot to impress someone.

Jaan review image

SG Review


Jaan is a British tasting-menu-only restaurant at the top of skyscraper that’s great for impressing a guest or a date.