Sitting at a sushi bar while receiving hand rolls on repeat should always be awesome—but Uminori misses the mark. From the same team behind Kisaku, we had high hopes for this  Madison Valley sushi spot that specializes in hand rolls, but a meal here is disappointing from start to finish.

For starters, the appetizers fall flat, be it overly-sweet chicken karaage or spicy tuna on crispy rice that has more oil-saturated squish than crunch. And while the temaki sets are fine—with classics like spicy tuna, negitoro, and king salmon—avoid the foie gras topped with cotton candy and caramel sauce at all costs. It’s a harsh mix of textures, and the flavors remind us that cotton candy should only be eaten at the State Fair, not in the same bite as fatty duck liver. For a light-years better hand roll experience, go to Sugo.