Peddler Brewing Company is permanently closed

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Peddler Brewing Company

You know what’s good? Drinking. You know what’s really good? Drinking outside. The people at Peddler seem to agree, because they gave us a highly enjoyable, laid-back venue to do this. Peddler has 11 beers on tap, plus a rotating cider, and plenty of space to take over with your crew. We recommend grabbing a drink up front, then hanging in the big outdoor area in the back. We also recommend coming on movie or science trivia night to hit peak Seattle by drinking craft brews and learning stuff while being outside.

As an added bonus, Peddler lets you bring in food from anywhere - but you don’t need to go far. Mean Sandwich is right next door, and Cycle Dogs has a permanent food truck out back making vegan hot dogs with crazy toppings. We weren’t exactly jumping out of our vintage, ironic but totally not ironic, throwback bell-bottom jeans (hey, this is Seattle you definitely have one friend who has a pair) when we saw the phrase “vegan hot dog,” but these aren’t half bad. Especially after you’ve had a couple beers.

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