Wayfare Tavern

Wayfare Tavern in the Financial District is power lunch central. It’s where to fill up on hearty dishes that are also mediocre, while overhearing phrases like “interest margins” and “Series C” from the tables around you. That’s not to say this place isn’t charming—you’ll fall hard for the British pub and Sunday roast vibes. There’s flowery wallpaper, taxidermy, and even a ceramic head (in a jar on a shelf), plus free popovers to start a meal. This spot is by a local celebrity chef, but don’t expect much from the food—the caesar is wilty, and the mac and cheese entirely forgettable. But the fried chicken sandwich and burger with brie are pleasant. You’ll feel like a high-powered exec regardless, and maybe leave with a LinkedIn connection from the venture capitalists sitting to your left.

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