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Izzy's Steakhouse review image

SF Review

Izzy's Steakhouse

Izzy's Steakhouse, for the red-blooded carnivore in your life, brings old-school vibes to the Marina.

House Of Prime Rib review image

SF Review

House Of Prime Rib

House of Prime Rib in Nob Hill is where to go when you want a lot of meat and large bottles of wine.

Tadich Grill review image

SF Review

Tadich Grill

Tadich Grill in the Financial District is a classic San Francisco steak and seafood spot that you should go to at least once.

Hillstone review image

SF Review


It's Hillstone. At least you know what you'll be getting.

Niku Steakhouse review image

SF Review

Niku Steakhouse

Niku Steakhouse in the Design District is one of the best - and most expensive - steakhouses in SF.