Tony's Coal-Fired Pizza & Slice House

If going to Tony’s Pizza Napoletana is like visiting Disneyland, then heading to Tony’s Slice House next door is like turning on the Emperor’s New Groove, kicking back on your sofa, and calling it a night. That’s because this place still has recognizable aspects of Tony’s, but is smaller and easier to access. Instead of waiting in line for a few hours to sit and have a gigantic menu of different pizzas to choose from, Slice House is a counter-service spot with only a handful of options to choose from, like their wood-fired New Yorker or just plain cheese - available both as a whole pie or by the slice. They also have other things like meatball subs and calzones, and while you could eat at one of the tables outside, this place is great when you want to grab your food and head back home - probably to eat while you watch your favorite Disney movie and open a few bottles of wine.