Devil's Teeth Baking Company

Devil’s Teeth is a small bakery near Ocean Beach with lots of benches outside, which are usually full of people eating breakfast sandwiches and other excellent baked goods—many of which are well worth your time. You’ll most likely end up waiting in a line, especially if you stop by on a weekend, but it moves pretty quickly, and there are plenty of dogs around to distract you while you wait.

But what you really need to know about Devil’s Teeth is that we wake up most mornings thinking of the Special Breakfast Sandwich, which is some of the best morning food we’ve ever consumed. The sandwich is constructed on a flaky, buttery, yet light biscuit. Step one towards perfection. The eggs are softly scrambled, and there is a solid amount of avocado mashed on top. (Adding avocado increases greatness of foods by 56.5%. Science.) The real kickers are the crispy bacon, some added heat from the pepper jack cheese, and the ultimate deal closer: creamy lemon-garlic aioli. The whole thing is warm and melty and doesn’t fall apart, thanks to the sturdiness of the biscuit. Simply put, this breakfast sandwich is the best thing to happen since Riley Curry’s birth. So pull on your comfy clothes and get yourself to Devil’s Teeth, ASAP.

Food Rundown

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photo credit: Carly Hackbarth

Special Breakfast Sandwich

This is the best breakfast sandwich we’ve ever had. There’s an ample helping of bacon, melted pepper jack cheese for a little kick, avocado, perfectly scrambled eggs, and a garlicky lemon aioli that brings it all home. The biscuit all of this is sandwiched on is buttery and light and we want to eat this every day forever until we die.

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The Devil’s Teeth crew also makes an excellent quiche. There’s a meat and veggie option every day. Both are good, and they’ll heat it up for you if you ask nicely.

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Cinnamon Roll

No frosting on this goliath—it’s got more of a brown sugar paste, and it is the best cinnamon roll around. It’s pretty dense, so get one to share with your crew. Also, napkins.

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Bowl Of Eggs

This is a great bowl of (or as it’s usually consumed, “cardboard box of”) eggs. But it’s also something you could very easily make at home.

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You must get some cookies while you’re here, especially the absurdly good ginger one. The peanut butter chocolate chip one isn’t our favorite, since the chips are sprinkled on top rather than baked in, but we wouldn’t NOT eat it.

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