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Krescent Carasso

The Mill

Bakery/Cafe  in  Nopa
Written by
Krescent Carasso

The Mill is a bakery on Divis that’s known for its expensive, well-made toast - which mostly sounds like a joke someone would’ve made about hipsters in 2007. And when we tell people we’re going there, they’re either jealous because it’s their favorite spot or they roll their eyes and mutter something about paying $8 for toast before saying they like the one with cinnamon sugar. It does seem a little crazy to pay as much for a single piece of toast as an entire loaf of the same bread, but that’s not the only reason you come here. You go to The Mill because it’s one of the best places to hang out in the city.

Krescent Carasso

The toasts range from $3-8, and despite the fact that you’re paying the same amount for something that usually comes free as a side to your eggs as you would for an entire month of Hulu, it really is great toast. It’s made from thick slabs of the bread they bake in-house and topped with seasonal ingredients, like jam on dense brown bread or avocado with olive oil, salt, and pepper on country white that’s better than a lot of the super involved versions you get at other places. They also serve coffee and pastries, and at night, The Mill switches to pizza and beer. There are whole pies and slices (that only cost $3.50) and whether you choose cheese or one of their weekly changing options - like kale and lemon or potato and calabrian chilies - it’ll be delicious. That’s mostly because of the crust, which is thick, chewy, and closer to bread than traditional pizza crust. It’s really interesting pizza that’s worth seeking out, and even though it’s pretty filling, it’s always worth getting a second slice.

As good as the food is, the space plays an equally large part of why The Mill is so great. The inside is huge so you never have to wait long for a table even when the line to order looks daunting, and the wooden beams and natural light make it look like a spread in a Swedish architecture magazine or like how we would design a wing of an art museum. Somehow all of that together means you can just as happily come here for a quick breakfast with a friend as you can for a casual date with someone from your kickball league, or to post up for a few hours with your laptop to write a Harry Potter musical you know will be all over Pottermore when you’re finished. It’s a rare experience, even in a city that tries to make everything as casual as possible, and if paying $8 for a slice of toast is all it takes to get in here, it’s worth it.

Food Rundown

Avocado On Country Bread

Avocado toast as simple as it gets, but also as good as it gets.

Cream Cheese And Pesto On Dark Mountain Rye

Super earthy pesto and cream cheese with a lot of black pepper on top. If you don’t drink coffee, this will wake you up in the morning just as well.

Almond Butter On Whole Wheat Sesame Bread

Take small bites of this or have some coffee nearby to deal with the thick almond butter. Or don’t because getting to eat the sesame bread is worth the struggle.

Seasonal Jam On Molasses Brown Bread

Dense brown bread that’s closer to cake than bread, doused in jam. We’d stock a doomsday bunker with this if we could.

Black Pepper Parmesan Buns

These are cheesy with a huge peppery bite. If they started serving burgers on these, they’d be the best ones in the city.


The salad changes weekly, but it’s always delicious, and at $7, it’s half as expensive as any other bowl of lettuce you can get in this zip code.


Bready, delicious pizza that also changes up weekly. One slice is $3.50 and enough for a whole meal, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting one cheese slice and one of whatever the weekly topping is.

Garlic Knots

Big garlic knots made from the same dough as the pizza. You have to order them individually, and everyone needs one.

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