Wormwood is basically a woodland nymph fantasy where you can have a nicer meal without the fuss of a fine dining restaurant. Definitely snag a reservation for the secret garden-esque outdoor patio in the back—it’s got tall shrubs, succulents bursting out of hanging planters, and an old piano in one corner. This is where you should eat French bistro dishes with Latin American twists, like oysters topped with a mezcal-infused mignonette and wagyu tartare flavored with roasted bone marrow and guajillo chili. Trying every single one of their absinthes during one sitting is impossible, but the Ab-Solo Normal drink is a great intro to the spirit, made with Mexican whiskey, absinthe, pineapple, lime, and ginger. Sure, this is one of the pricier places in the neighborhood, but you’ll see both people dressed up and locals sporting half-zip sweatshirts and Birkenstocks.

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