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Ligaya Malones is a San Diego-based food and travel writer whose work has been featured in San Diego Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, Food52, and more.

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Little Thief review image

SD Review

Little Thief

Little Thief is a wine bar that should be your first stop before bar hopping in North Park.

Where To Eat & Stay In San Diego guide image

SD Guide

Where To Eat & Stay In San Diego

Our 24 favorite restaurants and hotels in San Diego.

Artifact review image

SD Review


Artifact, in the Mingei International Museum, is a museum restaurant you'll actually want to go out of your way for.

City Tacos review image

SD Review

City Tacos

City Tacos in North Park is one of the best places for a round of tacos in San Diego.

Fort Oak review image

SD Review

Fort Oak

Fort Oak in Mission Hills is where to go for expertly charred seafood dishes cooked over a Santa Maria-style wood-fired grill.

Long Story Short review image

SD Review

Long Story Short

Long Story Short is a great restaurant inside a wine shop that highlights local San Diego produce.

The Marine Room review image

SD Review

The Marine Room

The Marine Room is a fancy sustainable seafood restaurant on the water in La Jolla.