The Copper Onion

Before catching an independent film at the Broadway Theater or strolling through an art gallery, head to The Copper Onion for dinner. They first opened in 2010, and this brasserie-style restaurant is still going strong over a decade later. It’s loud, lively, and a bit cramped inside, but that all adds to its charm. 

The menu does change occasionally, but the ricotta dumplings—just like our favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Raggles—have been around since day one. Each is made with housemade ricotta cheese and thyme, sauteed in butter, and then topped with a shower of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Always start with the dumplings, then move on to the housemade pastas with wagyu beef or prepared simply with fresh marinara sauce. The classic cocktails are great too—try one of four signature negronis mixed with rum, gin, or rye.

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