Pizza Marvin

Pizza Marvin wants to be the pizza joint you grew up with—checkered serving paper, a guy with a ‘stache behind the counter, and unpretentious digs (think high tops and bar stools). But they don’t just sling your average joint’s pizzas, hence the long list of pies that include the Roni Island (pepperoni, cherry peppers, honey) and the Voyager I (kale, green goddess, lemon, taleggio). Grab a whole pie or fly by the slice, and don’t overlook the thick, faintly sweet, chewy, and overall phenomenal tomatoey slices. 

Also, try one of their cocktails, like the famous pepperoni negroni or their fizzy, fruity proprietary Pizza Wine—it pairs perfectly with a saucey slice, hence the name. They also have a combo raw bar and pizza tower, and snacks like mozzarella-stuffed Buffalo chicken bites that are pure unadulterated, cheesy goodness. Don’t leave without some soft serve either.

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