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September 24, 2021
The Best Things On Sale This Week, From Mauviel To Urban Outfitters
It’s time to get a quality colander, a copper pan, and some new, shiny flatware.
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Summer’s almost over, but we’re pretty sure there are still blackberries growing on some bushes out there. So pick a few of those berries, and get yourself a new colander to wash them off. You’ll find a nice (ceramic) version below for less than $20. Other sale items this week include multiple tagines, silicone ice molds for leveling up your at-home cocktails, and some stoneware bowls that look more expensive that they actually are (especially at present).



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We’re recommending these products because we actually use, and like, them. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

Dylan Ceramic Handle Colander

Staff Writer Anne Cruz recently explained the importance of colanders (yes, colanders), so this feels especially appropriate here. The Dylan colander is ceramic and small enough to use with one hand, and you can tell people you made it in pottery class.

Get Dylan Ceramic Handle Colander ($15, was $18) →

Atelier Saucier Pièce de Résistance Table Runner

A table runner is, arguably, only half of a tablecloth, so it can be hard to justify purchasing one. Right now, however, you can grab this runner made from reclaimed fabric (like the rest of Atelier Saucier’s linens) at a 60% discount.

Get Atelier Saucier Pièce de Résistance Table Runner ($29, was $72) →

Soleil Rays Plate

There’s a lot going on here, but we aren’t opposed. The plates you have at home right now are probably kind of boring, so grab a few of these stoneware ones with a stark black-and-white sunbeam motif to mix things up.

Get Soleil Rays Plate ($12, was $14) →

Soleil Mini Tagine

If you make something tiny, it’s going to be adorable. Exhibit A: this mini tagine. You have room for a mini tagine in your kitchen, we promise.

Get Soleil Mini Tagine ($12, was $16) →

Emile Henry Ceramic Tagine

Of course, you might actually want to cook in your tagine. If that’s the case, here’s a full-size one from the ceramic specialist Emile Henry. Made from French Burgundy clay, this thing is stovetop, oven, and microwave safe.

Get Emile Henry Ceramic Tagine, Blue, 2.6qt ($100, was $140) →

Williams Sonoma Classic Nick and Nora Glasses

Think of Nick & Nora glasses as Martini glasses that don’t spill every time you walk your drink across your living room. They’re cocktail essentials, and these ones from Williams Sonoma are currently over half off.

Get Williams Sonoma Classic Nick and Nora Glasses, Set of 4 ($16, was $40) →

Mill Ceramic Pasta Bowls

Here, we have some bowls that could easily pass for East Fork, at a fraction of what East Fork costs. These are also perfectly attractive in their own right (black is an underrated dishware option), and they’re perfect for noodles.

Get Mill Ceramic Pasta Bowls, Set of 4 ($40, was $50) →

Blair Stainless Steel Flatware

We fully endorse brass flatware, especially when it’s over 50% off. Pick up a few of these West Elm sets to replace your relatively uncharismatic silver flatware, and feel free to go the rose-gold route as well. (It’s less ostentatious than it sounds.)

Get Blair Stainless Steel Flatware ($20, was $49) →

Lamin Bar Stool

Many of us at The Infatuation live in New York City, which means that we have tiny apartments. And tiny apartments call for alternate dining solutions, such as bar stools. If you need a new pair for your own undersized place, try these black ones from Article.

Get Lamin Bar Stool ($169, was $229) →

Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforter

It’s almost fall, which means heavy blankets are in again. If you threw yours out a few months ago because you forgot how seasons worked, grab this down alternative comforter from Brooklinen. It’s available in a few weights and sizes.

Get Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforter ($159-$239, was $199-$299) →

M'150S Copper Round Frying Pan

If you’re thinking about joining the copper cookware club, you should know that this is a very rewarding and also expensive club to join. Mauviel has been in the business of making copper pans since 1830, and, for some reason, this particular frying pan is currently selling at a discount.

Get M′150S Copper Round Frying Pan ($189, was $210) →

Hay Enamel Bowl

It’s fun to eat out of enameled steel bowls. Another upside? These bowls won’t shatter if you take them outside and accidentally drop them or throw them at a tree. So bring these camping. Or just sit on your couch and eat some cereal.

Get Hay Enamel Bowl ($10, was $25) →

Craft Cocktail Ice Molds

Ice is... probably the most important cocktail ingredient there is. The proper ice cubes (think: large) can help elevate any given drink, so if you don’t already have some silicone molds in your freezer, do something about that. These ones come in a crushed ice option, for which they receive extra credit.

Get Craft Cocktail Ice Molds ($8-$12, was $12-$17) →

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