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July 6, 2021
Yes, You Need A Dedicated Pasta Bowl So Here Are Our 10 Favorites
For prime noodle enjoyment.
Written by

Growing up, the only pasta I really ate at home were sad premade mayo-filled salads I’d buy at the grocery store to carb-load before swim meets. Or, we’d have Filipino-style spaghetti which my mom would make when my dad, the primary chef of our household, was out of town. As such, I didn’t see the value of using anything specific for pasta when I had serviceable plates and cereal bowls (and once when I was really desperate, an oversized mug) in my cabinets.

But after I graduated from college and moved into my first adult apartment, I quickly realized the error of my ways. Traditional bowls are perfectly fine, but if you’re enjoying carby-goodness on the reg, it’s worth splurging for a better noodle vessel. Pasta bowls often have a wider surface area and shallow walls, so you get the ideal sauce-to-noodle ratio and can evenly dress your entire dish with cheese. Also, they’re also much more photogenic, so your weeknight meal can look and feel like you’re dining out, minus the upcharge.

Pasta bowls don’t even have to be used strictly for noodles. You can use them to plate just about any meal, and the shallow lip is great for scooping up sauces or runny eggs with a piece of bread. Read on for our 10 favorites that will look great in just about any kitchen.

We’re recommending these products because we actually use, and like, them. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

A High Walled Green Bowl

A high-walled, taller bowl is ideal for pasta dishes where your sauce is more of a slurpy soup situation than a thicker goop-like one. This bowl is wide enough for picturesque rigatoni plating but also has the ability to accommodate broth-based noodles without sloshing everywhere. The stunning kaleidoscope interior would look great for weekday-meal ’grams, all while being dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer safe.

Get Blue Pheasant Bria Pasta or Soup Bowl, Set of 4 ($120)→

A Classic All White Bowl

This pasta bowl has all the makings of a great noodle vessel. The wide surface area is ideal for more artistic platings as well as casual heaps of long noodles. A rounded lip is useful for scooping up the last bits of sauce, and a classic white finish is simple enough to go with any kitchen.

Get Porcelain Pasta Bowl, 10” ($9)→

A Cult-Favorite Ceramic Bowl

East Fork makes ceramic dining ware and mugs that are much-coveted by the Infatuation staff, and these everyday bowls are no exception. With their wide and versatile rounded shape, they’re great for everything from a saucy braised meat dish to stews and soups.

Get East Fork Everyday Bowl ($38)→

A Rustic Charred Wood Bowl

These bowls look and feel like one’s you’d use at a hipster Italian place in Brooklyn, and we mean that in a good way. Made from hand carved oak that uses a single piece of wood, they're painstakingly fire treated to produce a charred finish. You can choose between a fully charred piece for a matte-black canvas or half-charred for a dramatic contrast between the interior and exterior surfaces of the bowl.

Get Handcrafted Charred Oak Wood Bowls ($75 - $175)→

A More Angular Dipped Glaze Set

These pasta bowls have an angular silhouette that would look great in any modern-style home kitchen or dining room. The half-dipped salt glaze design adds a pop of color to the bowls while still looking clean and minimalist, so it’ll be easy to match these bowls to your home’s existing aesthetic.

Get Royal Doulton Bowls of Plenty Set of 4 Pasta Bowls ($38)→

A Shallow Bowl Perfect For Just About Any Pasta

I’m a fan of using wide, shallow bowls for just about everything, not just pasta. These gorgeous pastel bowls are the platonic ideal of everyday dining ware to me, and also make a solid plate for salads, stir frys, and topping some sauteed greens with a golden fried egg.

Get Briar Bowl ($16)→

An On-Trend Gen-Z Green Bowl

If you hadn’t heard, bright neon green has finally ended the reign of millennial pink. Whether you’re a Gen-Z cusp trying to keep up with the kids or just want a cool bowl that’ll literally glow in the dark, this glass bowl will do the trick.

Get Mosser Glass Vaseline glass Dinnerware, Medium Bowl ($50)→

A Low Slung Glazed Ceramic Bowl

These glazed ceramic bowls have a perfectly imperfect rustic feel that would make any home’s dining set feel cozy and warm. The asymmetrical shape is also great for showcasing hand-made pasta, or store bought ravioli that you’re pretending to make to impress your guests (we won’t tell).

Get Ripple Large Pasta Bowl ($37)→

A Stunning Earthy Bowl

Material Kitchen’s shallow wide bows are made from natural Korean soil and are hand finished to produce an earthy, hand-made feel. I love the darker Grotto finish, which has an almost iridescent, abalone look to it. While they may look precious, they're pretty durable as the bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Get Material Kitchen Open Bowl, Set of 2 ($80)→

Share Some Pasta With This Bowl Set

These handcrafted pasta bowls are made of sturdy stoneware that are made to last rigorous everyday use. The glaze is ultra smooth to the touch and is easy to maintain — the bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. We love the bright royal blue as a canvas for white and red sauces alike, but these bowls also come in more neutral cream and charcoal tones.

Get Casafina Modern Classic Ceramic Pasta BOwls, Set of 4 ($64)→

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