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September 28, 2021
The Best Gifts For Your People-Pleasing, Indecisive Libra Friend Who Appreciates Nice Things
It’s important that you remind your friend that you like them.
Written by
Sydney Fogel & Bryan Kim

If you’re reading this, it is (mostly likely) Libra season. Don’t panic — this is less frightening than it sounds. Mostly, you just need to worry about buying gifts for all the people in your life who were born between the end of September and the last bit of October. To help you out, we’d like to offer our astrology-inspired assistance.

Lovers of beauty and harmony, Libras are the ones you’ll find keeping the peace and making sure everyone is having a good time. They take pride in their environment and physical appearance as well as their relationships — which are essential. Libras don’t like being alone, so it’s a good thing for everyone involved that Libras are generally fun people to be around.

With all that in mind, here’s a well-rounded gift guide tailored for the Libras in your life. It includes some attractive cookware and serving dishes (for when Libras feel compelled to play host) in addition to mood-setting decor and the requisite vanity mirror. (Mirrors and Libras go together like Virgos and spreadsheets.)



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We’re recommending these products because we actually use, and like, them. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

A Very Libra Object

Libras like looking their best. It’s not even necessarily about vanity (this isn’t Leo we’re talking about), although appearing put-together is definitely a priority. Thus, a mirror. The thing is, Libras also also take pride of their environment, so any tabletop mirror has to be appealing in and of itself. Try this swiveling brass one.

Get Brodie Tabletop Vanity Mirror ($128) →

For Their Beauty Sleep

Beauty and sleep are two things we can confidently file under Libra’s list of top priorities — and silk pillowcases allow for the best beauty sleep. (They prevent creases and wrinkles and also help your hair stay frizz-free.) Could a Libra sleep any other way? Probably. But this is the best-case scenario.

Get Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase ($89 - $110) →

To Help Make Up Their Mind

Indecision runs deep with Libra, as they’re always playing devil’s advocate and seeing things from all sides. No matter how much you may try to push them in one way or another, a Libra must reach their conclusion all on their own. A notepad like this will help speed up the inevitably slow process.

Get Bliss Connections Uncommon Notepads ($10) →

A Way To Stay Social

Libra rules the Seventh House (the House of Partnerships), so you better believe they place a lot of value in all of their relationships. If you live far from your Libra friend, give them a set of these lamps. No matter the distance (wifi permitting), each person can light the other’s lamp to let them know they’re thinking about them. It’s a cute concept. Just don’t forget about your lamp, or the idea could backfire.

Get Friendship Lamps, Set of Two ($140, was $199) →

To Keep The Peace

No sign is at their best when stressed, but a frazzled Libra is on another level. Libras are cool, calm, and collected — and when stressors do inevitably come up, adaptogens can help. Adaptogens are used as part of herbal medicine to help the body and mind stay balanced, and The All Day Bundle from Bloom contains the perfect adaptogenic blends to achieve just that.

Get Bloom The All Day Bundle ($65, was $70) →

People Pleasers

Libras want everyone to be happy (especially in social settings), so this cocktail kit with eight different syrups is the perfect thing for them to have in their home. When guests come over, everyone can drink exactly what they want, and no one will wind up sulking in a corner — which is a doomsday scenario for Libras.

Get Cheeky Cocktails 8 Bottle Kit ($60) →

To Set The Mood

Another essential tool for keeping parties enjoyable and non-awkward, a portable Bluetooth speaker will allow your Libra friend to obsess over the ambiance of any given get-together. This one’s water drop-resistant and can play for up to 20 hours.

Get Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($250) →

A Stand-Out Cheese Board

A basic wooden cheese board for a Libra? Not an option. An eye-catching agate cheese board with gold trim? That’s more like it.

Get Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board ($78) →

The Best Dates Ever

In addition to being bad at decisions, Libras are also hopeless romantics, and they love spending quality time with their significant other. This scratch-off list will make sure they never run out of fun date ideas to enjoy with their partner — and it also eliminates any stress that comes with trying to decide what to do.

Get 100 Date Scratch Off Poster ($15) →

Plates Worthy Of A Libra Home

There’s dishware, and then there’s Libra dishware. If you’re wondering what the difference is, take a look at these enameled-steel tie-dye-esque plates. They’re what your appearance-oriented air sign friends aspire to eat off of.

Get Bornn Multi-Color Enamel Dinnerware ($36-$104) →

Spell It Out

These playful pencils make for a cute and affordable gift. The pencils will, however, call out your Libra friend for being the most likely to make out with their ex. This might seem fair, but you never know how this criticism will be received.

Get The Posh Shop Co Libra Pencil Set ($10) →

Elevated Classics

In case you haven’t yet realized, Libras want to surround themselves with beautiful things — and this extends to their cookware. This Dutch oven from Great Jones comes in a variety of colors that will make a Libra’s stovetop instantly more aesthetically pleasing.

Get Great Jones The Dutchess ($155) →

The Corny (But Useful) Choice

Is this gift too on-the-nose? Absolutely. (This particular astrological sign is symbolized by a set of scales.) But if your Libra friend likes baking or cooking, a small kitchen scale is an invaluable tool. Your friend will get a lot of great use out of this, and their cupcakes and banana bread will probably get better.

Get Escali Primo P115TG Precision Kitchen Food Scale for Baking and Cooking ($25) →

Because Libras Like To Display Things

A cake stand is regal, stable, and welcoming (when topped with cake). It’s the perfect accessory for a Libra, and, in addition to its cake-holding function, one of these stands can also be used for purely decorative means or as a vessel for small objects such keys, wallet, and cellphone.

Get Mosser Glass Cake Stand ($44–$215) →

Hygiene, But Make It Art

When you’re a Libra, every space presents the opportunity for an artistic upgrade, and bathrooms are no exception. This abstract art print shower curtain is a no-brainer.

Get Thing Design Abstract Art Plant Shower Curtain ($65) →

To Sip In Style

These beautiful retro glasses are handmade in Italy and come in both goblet and tumbler styles. Whether used for a cocktail or a glass of water, these guarantee the beverage of choice will be consumed in perfect (i.e., aggressively stylish) Libra fashion.

Get IVV Italian Retro Cocktail Glasses, Set of 2 ($46-$49) →

For The Life Of The Party

Libras are the social butterflies of the zodiac and can easily charm their way through any party. An Instax camera is a great way for them to mix and mingle while capturing memories along the way. Plus, this version of the camera features a selfie mode. Which feels appropriate.

Get Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera ($69) →

For Inner Peace

Kin Euphorics’ Lightwave beverage is specially formulated with ingredients to promote peace, balance, and grace — all of which are strongly associated with Libras. This drink could very well be made for them, and, considering co-founder Bella Hadid is a Libra herself, we may just be onto something.

Get Kin Euphorics Lightwave, 8-Pack ($30) →

Fragrant Flowers That Live Forever

These floral bouquet diffusers are a two-for-one kind of deal. They not only fill a room with your favorite scent, but they also make for a nice tabletop accent. Each diffuser includes a preserved flower bouquet, diffuser reeds, and a ceramic vase — so it’s sort of like having flowers that won’t die (and will always smell good).

Get Floral Bouquet Ceramic Diffuser ($28) →

Something Glitzy

Much like your average crow or raven, Libras may be drawn to shiny objects (or any nice-looking things in general). Play into that, and pick up one of these Regenbogen Bowls from the shiny-object specialists at Fundamental Berlin. The bowls are made from crystal, with a chromatic film on the bottom that provides a big splash of color.

Get Fundamental Berlin Regenbogen Bowl ($75) →

For A Balanced Cup Of Coffee

Libras aren’t ones for extremes. They’re all about balance, and this mentality may even trickle down to the coffee they drink. For example, they might prefer a mellow, smooth brew that’s less bitter or acidic. Enter Golden Ratio, a brand of coffee that claims the lowest acidity on the market. Their beans are roasted very, very lightly (even lighter than a blonde roast), and they package their coffee into pouches, so you can make it just as you would a cup of tea.

Get Golden Ratio Original Coffee Pouches ($20-$40) →

For The Fanciest Hydration

Decorative yet functional, this carafe-and-glass set would be a perfect addition to a Libra’s workspace or bedside table. The glass doubles as a lid for the carafe, so everything can be made neat and tidy once you’re done drinking. If there’s any sign that can make drinking water an aesthetic exercise, it’s Libra.

Get Maison Balzac Bedside Carafe ($70) →

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