Lala’s Brooklyn Apizza

For all our pizza pride, New Yorkers are pretty hospitable to outside pizza influences (see Ace’s, Marta). That is, as long as we can still eat it somewhere that reminds us why our city is better than wherever that new, unfoldable crust came from.

Lala’s serves New Haven-style apizza on the roof of Grimm Artisanal Ales in East Williamsburg, against sweeping views of Brooklyn and Queens, and sunsets that deserve their own soundtrack. It’s an aggressively pleasant setting for an indoor-outdoor bar hang—and while we wouldn’t go out of our way for the ultra-thin pies, you should order one if you're there. Get a classic red or white clam pie, or a seasonal option, like the Cozy Pie with mashed potatoes, pickled cherry tomatoes, and bacon.

Lala's Brooklyn Apizza review image

photo credit: Rachel Vanni

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