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Ace's Perfect Pizza

Pizza in Williamsburg

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I grew up in Chicago. Conventionally, that should mean I think Aaron Rodgers is the devil incarnate and that deep dish is god’s gift to America. But sometimes people aren’t what they seem. For example, I own a Brett Favre jersey. And I happen to think that Detroit-style pizza is far superior to deep dish in every way.

I’m telling you this because I’ve found the best Detroit-style pizza in New York. It’s at Ace’s Perfect Pizza in Williamsburg, a spot that’s more of a pizza party than a slice shop.

Ace’s Perfect Pizza review image

Walk by it on Driggs Ave and you might confuse it with nearby, also excellent Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop. Ace’s is retro-themed, with vinyl booths and kitschy accents, like an N64, a portrait of cat-people playing cards, and a picture of a long-haired gentleman that is affectionately labeled The Crab Cake “Kid.” Hanging out here with a bottle of wine is just as worthwhile as the pizza.

Ace’s Perfect Pizza review image

Oh yeah, the pizza. They do two different kinds: Detroit-style and Grandma (or Sicilian). Both rely on truly excellent crusts - the Grandma is reminiscent of a large and doughy breadstick while the Detroit is brown and crispy with caramelized cheese framing each slice. Your first move at Ace’s should unquestionably involve some iteration of the Detroit-style. Keep it simple and get it topped with pepperoni, and if you’re with one other person, order a small. For $15, you’ll get four slices with light, airy dough and crispy, cheese-webbed crust that will fill you up and provide you with profound joy. Soon enough, you’ll start telling anybody who will listen about Ace’s, where you can eat delicious pizza, sip on beer and wine, sit in a big booth with a red-checkered table, and get your ass whooped in Mario Kart.

When you add up all the elements of Ace’s, this is not only one of the best pizza places in NYC - it’s one of the most fun places to have dinner right now.

Food Rundown

Detroit-style Pizza

This is what you’re here for. The light and airy dough comes topped with a zesty tomato sauce while every piece is outlined with crispy browned cheese. Keep things simple and get your pizza topped with pepperoni. Savor every bite and realize that Emmy Squared means nothing to you.

Ace’s Perfect Pizza review image

Grandma Pizza

If it’s your first time at Ace’s, make sure you have at least one Detroit pie on your table. But if you’re with a big group and you want a second pie, a Grandma pizza is an excellent move also. The dough is reminiscent of a large, doughy breadstick and is a bit floppier than the Detroit-style in a good way.

Ace’s Perfect Pizza review image


Not a must-order, but they taste good if you want to snack and want some protein. The adobo wings are aggressively seasoned and taste extra citrusy. We want their spice blend recipe for our next dry-rubbed pork butt.

Ace’s Perfect Pizza review image

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