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The Good Fork Pub


There’s a perpetual coziness to Red Hook, even post-IKEA, and we require that all new establishments maintain this coziness. Good Fork Pub—which existed in the neighborhood in a previous iteration called Good Fork—is a welcome “addition” to the charming waterside scene. This place has inviting barn doors, brick walls, and British pub food that features Korean flavors. We’re forever loyal to their veggie burger, a fried green mung bean patty that gets a slightly smokier flavor thanks to some Vegemite aioli. The menu also has other intriguing items like a Korean cheesesteak and a fried chicken sandwich with gochujang sauce—but if you don’t want to have a full meal, you’d be just as happy coming in with a group to drink some pints and share a pot of the spicy-sweet kimchi beer cheese.

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