Funzi’s Pizzeria

Funzi’s already feels like it’s been around since the Koch administration, and not just because of the stucco walls and extensive maroon carpeting. Neighborhood folks pop in to say hey, and the front porch with lawn chairs functions as a living room for the corner of St. Marks and Second Avenue. It’s a pizza party out there, and the slices are crisp and chewy. Most of your traditional options are available, but there are also a few fancier ones like a chicory version topped with wilted dandelion greens. Order at the counter, then either sit inside near a knockoff Mona Lisa, or take in the street scene out front. To round out your meal, get the deep-fried lasagna. It’s like a giant mozzarella stick, but with noodles and beef ragu.

Funzi's Pizzeria review image

photo credit: Kate Previte