Calle Dao

Calle Dao was probably cool when it opened in 2014. In the wake of the viral ramen burger trend, their Cuban spring rolls, which arrive at your table atop an artfully strange swoop of yellow mustard, must have stolen the hearts of food bloggers everywhere. Nowadays, this slightly too quiet fusion Cuban Chinese spot in Chelsea (with two more Manhattan locations) feels tired. Nothing you order will be bad, and some things, like a picanha steak with chimichurri, will be perfectly juicy. But unlike the side-by-side approach of older Chino Latino spots, most of the things you’ll eat here seem unnecessarily jammed together. If you find yourself in the Chelsea area with a coworker, a $9 Happy Hour margarita next to an areca palm tree will hit the spot. But once the clock strikes 7pm, go elsewhere for dinner.