Aldama serves the kind of food you can find everywhere in Mexico City. And considering this place is run by someone who used to work at Cosme, it’s no surprise that this a sexy, sultry neighborhood hangout is our new favorite spot for drinks and snacks in Williamsburg.

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Aldama isn’t just a bar, but it is an excellent place to drink. There aren’t too many other places in this city where you can sip imported mezcal out of clay copitas, and almost every single cocktail we’ve had has been memorable. Plus, It’s ideal for when you want to nod along to a late-night DJ set in their basement-level front room, sitting on chic bar stools (that might remind you of wicker baskets) while you nibble on fresh tostadas until midnight.

When it comes to the food, Aldama shines in the vegetarian and seafood departments. There’s grilled head-on shrimp, a crispy tuna taco, and a tostada topped with a thick stack of thinly sliced daikon on a soft bed of chopped avocado. Most dishes on the menu come out in orders of one or two, and for brunch, they’ve got delicious items like huevos rancheros and fried egg tostadas that you should eat outside.

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You wouldn’t know it upon first glance, but Aldama has a sizable backyard patio that’s perfect for a fun outdoor meal in Williamsburg. You might find this kind of open-air oasis underneath a treehouse hotel in Tulum, complete with cement floors, long wooden tables, wicker light fixtures, and giant ceramic pottery. This part of the restaurant is a great place to know about if you come to one of those weekly DJ sets, which are usually announced via their Instagram, and need a quiet place to cool off. Part indoor and part outdoor, Aldama’s secluded patio area is an ideal spot to sip a mezcal cocktail and feel glamorous in the shadows of the Williamsburg Bridge.

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Sure, you might spot a few patrons in tabi boots, but the true beauty of Aldama is that it’s one of the coolest places you can eat in your sweats after 10pm on a Tuesday. You know, somewhere that you could bring an out-of-towner who wants to know “where real New Yorkers eat out on weeknights” and split small plates worth spamming your group chat about.

Food Rundown


This guacamole has the refreshing, oniony flavor we’ve come to know and love with a kick of smokiness that takes things up a few notches. It’s not spicy, but you get the sense that it’s been hanging just outside of a smoker for a few hours. Start your meal with this and ask for extra tostadas.

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Daikon Tostada

From the refreshing crunch we get in each bite of peppery daikon to the creamy satisfaction of perfectly sliced avocado underneath it, this tostada is just as delicious as it is beautiful. If you’re looking for a snack you can eat with one hand but still feel satisfied, go with this.

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Grilled Head-On Shrimp

You know the shrimp is going to be good when it comes to you split open, grilled like a lobster tail, and covered in green salsa. Aldama delivers something truly special for seafood lovers with this smoky, citrusy, and bright dish.

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Taco De Trompo

Each order comes with two al pastor tacos on a piping hot tortilla made fresh for your enjoyment, and we can’t think of a single instance in which you shouldn’t have at least one order on your table. It’s filled with juicy pork, and we appreciate that it doesn’t come loaded with too much distracting avocado or onion.

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Bean And Tuna Crunchy Tacos

Each bite of these thin and tuna-filled tacos is deep-fried perfection. You’ll get a mouth full of salty fish, refried beans, and a crispy corn tortilla. This dish alone is reason enough to hop on the train and grab dinner at Aldama tonight.

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