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“The Restaurant We’ve Been Going To For 8 Years Closed, What’s An Alternative That’s A Little Fancy But Not Eleven Madison Park-Fancy?” feature image


“The Restaurant We’ve Been Going To For 8 Years Closed, What’s An Alternative That’s A Little Fancy But Not Eleven Madison Park-Fancy?”

You might have to break your Valentine’s tradition, but you can still have a great night at home.

Hi Infatuation NYC,

My husband and I have been together nine years in total, married for two, and our Valentine’s Day tradition for eight of those years has been Maloney & Porcelli’s. We are heartbroken it has closed, and at a loss for what to order for dinner on 2/14. I’d like to keep it a little bit fancy, but not Eleven Madison Park-fancy. Any suggestions and guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you! Keely

Hey Keely,

So sorry about the break in your eight-year tradition. Eight years! Wow. The only thing I’ve done for eight years is decidedly not participate in organized sports or wear the color green. Props to you (and your two years of marriage).

Based on your Maloney & Porcelli’s streak, I’m assuming you’re into all things lobster, steak, martinis, and chocolate cake. (A very reasonable set of things to be into). And since Maloney & Porcelli’s was in Midtown, I’m guessing the general vicinity of Manhattan’s center is a good area for you to order from.

In that case, one option is Bar Boulud on the UWS. They have a special Valentine’s Day $105 three-course menu available for takeout and delivery. (As of Tuesday, February 9th, they still have a bunch of openings.) You get to pick between French-inspired dishes like beef tournedos with black truffle potato gratin, pâté en croûte, chocolate opera cake, and a whole-ass lobster.

For something slightly less pinkies-up-at-the-Yale-club, Pastis in Meatpacking and Quality Eats in the West Village and on the UES both have strikingly similar menus to Maloney & Porcelli’s that should make you feel at home (where you’ll literally be). Plus, Quality Eats is serving a Restaurant Week deal right now where you can get a bavette steak and fries for $20.

While I hope you love every part of your new Valentine’s Day dinner tradition, I also hope this fires us all up about the city’s great restaurants that have closed over the last year. If you’re interested in learning more about the demands for government action, PPP loans, and supporting independent restaurants, check out organizations like ROAR and the Independent Restaurant Coalition.

Dear Hannah: A Restaurant Advice Column feature image

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Dear Hannah: A Restaurant Advice Column

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