Tea-05 is a milk tea and bánh mí shop in a giant plaza across the main FIU campus. It’s small and quiet with boxy tables and lots of board games options—perfect for a quick study or work break. Their bánh mí comes on nine inches of toasted French baguette that’s fluffy inside, crunchy outside, and won’t road-rash the roof of your mouth. The house special bánh mì comes with pork loaf, head cheese, ham, and a slather of pâté. It’s packed with crispy daikon radish slices, cucumber, carrot, jalapeño, and fresh cilantro. But if you’re looking for a warm bánh mí, we like the grilled pork. It comes with savory grilled pork and all the same sweet and crunchy veggies, plus pâté. The result is a tangy, smoky sandwich that pairs great with boba tea and a game of mancala.

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photo credit: Tasty Planet

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