Nitin Bakery

Nitin is a classic Dominican bakery that has some of Miami’s most affordable fancy pastries, including passion fruit and mango mousse entremets (a.k.a. dainty edible sculptures) that can give any high-end pâtisserie a run for its money. They also make their own version of a Hungarian dobos torte with crisp, thin layers of a biscuit/sponge cake hybrid sandwiching buttercream and dulce de leche. And these are just a very small sampling of the pastries we love at Nitin—which include savory things too, like croquetas and empanadas. But it wouldn’t be a Dominican bakery without super buttery Dominican bizcocho with pearlescent meringue frosting, which you can also find here. They also make a fantastic habichuelas con dulce, a Dominican dessert soup with red beans and a mix of sweet spices like cinnamon. It’s a large, airy space with plenty of seating, so you can sit down and enjoy that delicious combination of pastries and air conditioning.

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