Lion & The Rambler is for when you want a restaurant that’s all about the food. The lighting is a tad harsh and the soundtrack is a random mix of mostly dad rock, but this Coral Gables spot makes up for that with the stuff on your plate. The menu is seasonally focused and diverse: proteins, pasta, and vegetables cooked so interestingly that you’ll give your plate a head tilt like a puppy trying to pay attention. The spicy/savory peanut and white asparagus ajo blanco is one of the most delicious things we’ve eaten this year (and the buttery boniato pelmeni with garlic foam isn’t far behind). Not every dish is a home run, but it’s all good and there are enough truly excellent plates to justify making a reservation. On weekends, they offer a six-course $85 per person tasting menu alongside the usual a la carte menu.

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