King Duck Chinese BBQ

This Fontainebleau spot does Cantonese barbecue, and you really shouldn’t stray much from their selection of duck, chicken, and pork hanging from meathooks in the windows. With the exception of one small high-top table on the sidewalk, they’re strictly a takeout operation. The pipa duck—a spatchcocked version of Peking duck with a much crunchier exterior—is worth ordering. King Duck’s crispy pork tastes like chicharrón that got a makeover: super crispy, bubbly crust that gives way to tender meat and buttery fat that’s surprisingly not greasy. Definitely get a side of Cantonese pickles to balance out the meats’ richness—we like the green papaya for its tang and crunch. But the best thing to get here, especially if you’re not feeding a crowd, is the house special rice noodles: stir-fried thin rice noodles with a touch of savory seasoning topped with lap cheong sausage and an assortment of meats, including that amazing crispy pork.

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